Alternative Vegas: The Neon Museum

Alternative Vegas: The Neon Museum


You may think Las Vegas, Nevada is all pool parties, mega clubs and stag do’s but there is another side to it hidden in the dusty desert. Don’t get me wrong our main intention in Vegas was to hit the strip and come rolling back at day break but this little gem was not to be missed. The Neon Museum Las Vegas is a boneyard of vintage neon signs and an Instagrammers dream. They even host events like hot desert yoga, photoshoots and night time tours where the restored signs are lit up.

About a month before our trip we pre-booked our guided tour (the only way to see the boneyard) for $15 each. Our tour guide was amazing, so entertaining and a brilliant storyteller: we were overwhelmed with all the crazy information she shared in that hour. There’s so much history behind the signs as some date back to the 1930’s and have been lovingly preserved, and they show the change in design style through the decades.

They give you plenty of photo ops as you go around… Instagram at the ready:

Neon Museum Lido

Neon Museum - Tropicana

Neon Museum - Jackpot Motel


Tip: book your tour for early morning or late afternoon as it is entirely open air with no shade for an hour. Temperatures in the desert can be ridiculously hot. Make sure you take water and leave bags in the car as they don’t allow them into the boneyard.

Check out the website here and Instagram for more amazing pics here

The Neon Museum

770 Las Vegas Boulevard North
Las Vegas, NV 89101


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