How to make the most of your spa day

How to make the most of your spa day


Whether it’s a gift or a present to yourself a spa day is a luxury treat and knowing how to make the most of your day is a must. Here are my tips:


Before you book:

  • Do your research; if you love to swim lengths then make sure the pool is for you, if you want to be outdoors check the spa has these facilities you’re looking to enjoy.
  • Check if children are welcome in the pool. I personally don’t want kids around when I am trying to relax so this would affect the time/day I would book. Some spas offer kids swimming clubs at certain times of the week, either avoid that day or book your treatment to cover this time.
  • Book your treatment for towards the end of the day if possible. This gives you time to use all the facilities and get relaxed first and also you don’t want to wash off all the lovely massage oils as soon as you jump in the pool. It’s better to let them soak into your skin.
  • As most spas also have gym facilities it is always worth asking if they hold any classes. A yoga class before you half-day spa is a great way to unwind.

My tips:

  • Arrive a little early so you have time for a welcome drink and to fill out any forms in no rush.
  • Make sure you are thoroughly shown around the spa by a member of staff. You don’t want to miss out on a whole relaxation area! This is a good time to ask questions day be sure you are familiar with the different areas.
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the say… all the sauna action will dehydrate you. And don’t be hungover under any circumstances!
  • Spend 10 minutes or so in the sauna before your massage treatment to loosen up those muscles and for a facial, hitting the steam room first is a good idea to open your pores!
  • Don’t be shy to ask for another pair of slippers (mine always get soaked through by the pool) or spare towels.
  • Stay as long as you possibly can and maximise every minute. Some spas also offer evening sessions.
  • If you have a lunch to book make it 2pm as most people will go for 1. This means you’ll get a little bit of quiet time around the pool!
  • Ask the staff! I recently asked the spa attendant a quick question about the thermal suite and ended up with a full run down of how to best use each of the facilities and a demonstration of the ice fountain (which, trust me, I would never have used before without her guidance!) now I feel like a pro.


Things to pack:

  • It’s worth remembering a pound coin as some spas have this functionality on lockers.
  • I also take my own shampoo and conditioner just in case, but if the spa showers have some obviously I use it as it is usually the products they sell.
  • Bring a second bikini or swimming costume. I hate to sit around for lunch or go to my treatment in wet ones.
  • Most spas have a handy swimming costume spinner in the changing rooms but I also pack a spare plastic bag to carry my costume home in just in case.
  • Flip flops are a good idea for the shower areas and as I mentioned above if you’re like me and always end up with wet slippers!
  • A book or magazine although I know I barely look at anything I’m too busy relaxing.

Most importantly:

Make sure you relax… turn your phone to flight mode!

Don’t plan anything for the evening either as you will most likely want to get home and extend the me-time for a few more hours.


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