Photo: February 1st

Photo: February 1st


February. I’d like to say it’s come around quick, but January has been a long, cold slog for me. And so today -the first of February – feels like a fresh start.

So welcome to my blog – – starting now

It’s Monday, and I’ve taken the day off work for what my friends and I like to refer to as a #lifeadmin day. It’s just that kind of day when you get the little chores you’ve been meaning to get done ticked off. I always have a non-essential kind of to do list in my mind. Little things that don’t matter if they’re not done today/this week. But inevitably roll-over to next weekend, the weekend after and before you know it it’s December again.

Today I got a heck of a lot done, some of which from that list. I started with a 1 and a half hour yoga session this morning, did some chores at home, made a healthy omelette, took some parcels to the post office, stopped off for a coffee, called my mom, got a manicure, walked through the park, dropped off some alterations at the dry cleaners, and remembered to buy that lightbulb on the way home. Busy girl huh.


Now, back at home with a cup of tea, I’m feeling smug and productive. Finally, I feel ready for the new year.

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